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"Our purpose is to provide our customers with the finest quality in service and products, in a manner that is both efficient and economically competitive. This can be accomplished with professional advice, personal commitment, and undivided assistance to each individual customer"

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23 Jun 2012

June 2012, HI Furnace, HI Hotwater Tank, Garage Gas Unit Heater Purchase and Installation

Being a tradesman myself (but not HVAC), I explained that I was going to be very particular as to how the installation was done. I have been in houses where pipes and vents and wires have been hanging and dangling down to waist height.

To my complete satisfaction the work was done as I had hoped. The installer (Jack - ask for him, and John too) did a great job. I was very impressed in the small details that make the difference between a mess and a good job.

I had quotes from 5 different installers and felt the best about Fagnan's product line and especially about their understanding that my installation be top-notch.

Fagnan's were very competitive price-wise, not the cheapest, but trust me you don't always want the cheapest. Getting the job done on time, as you want it, with good product and the tradespeople having respect for you and your property is much more important than that 2-3% difference in price.

I would not hesitate to recommend Fagnan's to any one who asked.

Greg and Janet.
11 Apr 2012

could have been better in customer service

The work that was talked about was not what happened, apparently an expert estimator came and told us what would happen and what would be done. We thought we were getting a 95% effiencent and did not. Did not notice until energy refund guy asked why we got a lower one. Someone came first to prep and after they left there was an overwhelming smell of gas in the house, I evacuated the house and called the company. It took quite some time for someone to show up. Then two very young and immature males came and started the job. Nothing looked like what was discussed. We were told that all of the old trunking above the furnace would be removed and replaced, no. The team walked only on our neighbours yard and trampled it flat, we are not even allowed to walk on his lawn. They left pieces of cut plastic pipe all over both of our lawns and road. They left purple glue all over the floors, deck and doors. They did not put any sealent in the venting holes and they did not secure the venting to anything when the ran it under our deck. Made them come back for that. I think the job looks like little kids did it and they did. Someone should have looked at it later to proof work. They must have had twenty coffee and smoke breaks in their cars and they used one of my upholstered chairs as a ladder and ruined it. The only thing right is the furnace apparently works but it is really noisy. If you use them ask for their most competent workers and have a supervisor check it when they are done. Did all this work because we thought the furnace was dead but it was a broken thermostat.
24 Dec 2011

New Carrier furnace installation

Fagnan's gave me comprehensive, professional service and an outstanding installation of our Infinity furnace and Rheem hot water tank.

The difference in the quality of our interior living conditions is amazing. Every room is the same temperature and the air circulation is extremely quiet.

I would recommend Fagnan's without reservation.

Craig Pearn
Calgary, AB
21 Dec 2011

Fagnons Furnace.

Excellent Job
26 Mar 2011

great bunch!

i recently had a furnace installed by fagnans! the guys reallly knew there stuff. they were here about 6-7 hrs but when they left i knew more about that furnace then i thought possible! my hats off to them THANKS!
21 Nov 2010

Great job

We had Fagnan's come over to clean our furnace this summer. There was a booking mistake, at first, that was corrected. The men did a good job and actually removed a lot of dust and debris from our furnace. We had previously had another company out to clean it a few years prior, but I guess they weren't as thorough, as the men were finding small toys and crayons from the previous owner. My parents also use Fagnan's for furnace cleaning and have not had a problem.

We recently had a visit from a Fagnan's rep about a new high efficiency furnace and the rep was friendly and professional.
2 Jan 2010

good service, surprise charge

2005 Maytag High Eff furnace...good install, very good after hour service for a faulty pressure switch on Jan 1 and 2, 2010. Got a surprise when told that a $125.00 service call charge applied due to a yearly requirement. This yearly requirement was never discussed or shown and does not exist in the product sheet details for warantee or on the Fagnan's invoices.