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May 12, 2010

When we needed our ducts cleaned I began the search for a reputable service provider. After a considerable search I decided on OPADC...then I read the review posted by the dissatisfied customer. Concerned, I contacted OPADC and received a very open response, including an offer to send a different serviceman should I decide to use them. I decided to use the same serviceman and now know why he is considered their best. He was prompt, pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. Someone must have been having a bad day when the other customer used him! We will definitely be repeat OPADC customers.
August 22, 2008

We recently had Ontario Power Air Duct Cleaning come out and clean our air ducts before moving into our new home. Our experience was quite opposite from the other reviewer (fortunately). They showed up right on schedule as expected. We were also very impressed with the professionalism and speed of our technician. He took the time to explain the process to us and even showed us the "before" and "after" view of our ducts to see how well the job was done. He even went above and beyond by helping to repair a duct vent that wasn't nailed to the wall properly (kept coming loose) - we didn't even ask and he made sure it was done right. He explained any additional services (at optional cost) and there were not discrepancies in the price we paid from the price we were originally quoted. We would definitely do business again with Ontario Power Air Duct Cleaning...they've clearly improved in the last year since the other bad review.
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