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Enercare Mississauga: Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Hot Water Heater, Tankless Units, Ductless Splits, Fireplaces, Plumbing, Water Treatment and Indoor Air Quality. Oshawa home or business. Get Peace of Mind and let us take care of your Oshawa Home or Business. At Enercare, our furnace experts call before they arrive so you'll know when to expect us. If you require a new furnace, our licensed and insured furnace installers will respect your time and your home. Our after-sales service and warranties will give you peace of mind knowing you'll be taken care of long after the installation of your new furnace is complete. Our fully-licensed, technicians will diagnose and provide written quotes for parts and service at your Oshawa home or business. Rent, Buy & Maintain Your AC in Oshawa. HVAC Oshawa Business. At Enercare, we know that a leaking or dirty air conditioner costs time and money while impacting the environment. Tune-ups can help identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns, while rising electricity costs make efficiency more important every day. We repair, replace or rent air conditioning in your Oshawa home or business. We also have ductless splits for your unique cooling requirements. Expertise for all of your Oshawa Plumbing issues. Many people aren't aware that Enercare brings the same level of expertise and service to plumbing as we do to heating and cooling. Enercare will fix your plumbing issue - whether it's a clogged toilet, a leaky faucet, a broken sump pump, or most other plumbing inconveniences - professionally and quickly. With access to over 700 fully-licensed, expert plumbers and technicians you're in safe hands. Talk to Us About Water Treatment or Hot Water for your Oshawa home. We offer high-quality, energy-efficient hot water heaters designed to do one thing: work so well you don't have to think about them. It's important to have a water heater that is as energy efficient as possible. Tankless water heaters are a huge technological achievement. These innovative systems provide homeowners with an endless supply of hot water as well as saving space and significantly reducing heating costs. Water treatment. Just because your water's clear, doesn't mean it's clean.